A different kind of gliding club

We’re different because there are no soaring charges to fly our gliders.  We charge a one-off annual membership fee and that’s it.

You do though have to be a full member of the Lasham Gliding Society (LGS) and pay Lasham for the launches.  Still, compared with paying soaring fees at Lasham you would be quids in with us if you wish to fly more than about 11 hours per year.

As well as being a member at Lasham, to fly with us you need the approval of the LGS Chief Flying Instructor.  This normally requires a BGA Bronze endorsement or an EASA licence (SPL or LAPL(S)).

Being a small club we look after our gliders ourselves and most members pitch in to help with maintenance of the gliders and other equipment such as trailers.

If this sounds the sort of club you are looking for please get in touch.

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