Welcome to the CSGC website

Our aim is to provide affordable soaring at Lasham. We started as the Royal Aircraft Establishment Gliding Club at Farnborough, but we now welcome anyone who will enjoy our small-club ethos and who would like to fly without soaring charges.

We currently operate three single-seaters: a Sport Vega, a Ka8 and a DG300 standard class glider, and also a Grob 103 two-seater.


Schleicher Ka8

The Ka8 is a light single-seat glider suitable for early-solo pilots

Slingsby Sport Vega

The Sport Vega is a simple glass-fibre single-seat glider suitable for pilots with a couple of dozen hours' experience

Glaser-Dirks DG-300

The DG-300 is a high-performance standard-class single-seat glider

Grob 103 II Acro

The Grob 103 is a comfortable two-seat glider for more advanced training and mutual flying