Our Gliders

We operate three single-seaters: an immaculate (almost vintage) Ka8, a club class Sport Vega and a rather nice DG-300 standard class glider.  We also have a Grob 103 two-seater for check flights and fun dual flying.

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Our Members

We welcome anybody into our club.  You don’t need to have any connections with either the Civil Service or the Military. You just need to be a Lasham Gliding Society member who is keen, willing to help out occasionally and able to fly at least one of the gliders!

Our Club

Our Club dates back to the days of the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) Aero Club at Farnborough, which was formed in 1922. A gliding section was formed in 1959 and at least one of our members has been flying with the club since the 1960s!
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The Nitty Gritty

Our Latest News

CSGC Fly at Jaca – March 2017

We went to the mountains… We went to the fields…. And afterwards we had to eat… It was tough! Anne Knight, Peter Fenner, Paul Wheatcroft and Alex McAtamney hijacked the Lasham expedition to Jaca this year.  We flew the Lasham Duodiscus and […]

Annual Glider Inspections etc

The Lasham member’s workshop has been booked for the glider Annuals as follows: • Grob 103 and DG300 – 18th February 2017 • K-8 and Sport Vega – 25th February 2017 Nick Hughes has offered to do the work on […]

Sport Vega Refinishing

The re-finishing of the Sport Vega wings has taken much longer than expected and the workshop fees for spraying have been higher than expected. At least 18 members have helped in some way with the task. The glider is currently […]

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