About Our Club

Our aim is to provide affordable soaring at Lasham. We started life in 1965 as the Royal Aircraft Establishment Gliding Club at Farnborough, but we now welcome anyone who will enjoy our small-club ethos and who would like to fly without soaring charges (there is absolutely no need to have any connection with the civil service or the military).

We currently operate three single-seat gliders: a Sport Vega, a K8 and a DG300, and also a Grob 103 two-seater.


We’re different because there are no soaring charges to fly our gliders.  We charge a one-off annual membership fee and that’s it.

You do have to be a full member of the Lasham Gliding Society and pay Lasham for the launches but, compared with paying soaring fees at Lasham, you would be quids in with us if you wish to fly more than about 11 hours per year.

Being a small club we look after our gliders ourselves and most members pitch in to help with maintenance of the gliders, trailers and other equipment over the winter.