CSGC gliders – A few points

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Copied from Alex McAtamney’s e-mail;

1. HWW trim lever. It was noted this was loose and not holding trim. Hopefully I have fixed this after removing the front seat and port panel to de-grease and tighten the mounting bolt. This feels a little tighter now and should hopefully hold trim. Can whoever takes her up next let me know if this solved the problem.

2. FJX Audio vario. This is now working after I un-kinking a tube to the rear of the L-NAV.

3. Total energy tubes. Last week Stefan found the TE tube left in the seat pan under the seat back. This could have been broken if someone had placed a parachute on top without realising. After flying can we please leave the TE tubes in the side pockets, or somewhere obvious *other* than in the seat pan please.

4. Vertigo covers. We have tears to the inside lining on both FJX & EJE wing covers, and also a tear to the rear of EJE fusalage cover. See attached (photo’s kindly provided by Stefan). These will need to be repaired. Please be especially carful when fitting these covers, particularly over the DG300 wing tips. If you feel resistance when sliding the covers on please STOP continue pulling. We must take more care please.

5. HWW wing dolly. Trevor Hills kindly re-gluded the felt to the inner surface of the wing dolly which had completed detached. Thank you Trevor.

6 . K8 wing tip repair. We still need to source baltic pine for the repair. The following update was kindly provided by Paul Wheatcroft. If anyone can help in this respect please let Paul know.

———-Quote Paul——
I regret that little useful progress has been made. The problem is the supply of both Baltic Pine for the wingtip bow, and the GL1 quality ply. All my efforts source both Pine & ply have come to nought so far. I do have enough thin sticks of Baltic Pine, robbed from a u/s Bocian thanks to Gary Pullen, for the second rib repair. Of course, had I had the material the K8 would be flying by now.

1.5mm birch 5-ply

Ironically I have 1.0, 1.2 and 2.0 mm ply, kindly donated by Nick Hughes (I think left over from when he repaired Bocian BJD after it was seriously damaged in the 1987 storm) but not 1.5 mm ply. I intend to see if we can obtain some from the Continent but shudder to think what the transport cost would be.

Baltic Pine

Nick Hughes has given us a little 450 mm x 90 mm x 20 mm plank of Baltic Pine. We need approx 4.2 m (i.e. 7 off 600 mm) of 35 mm x 3 mm. The plank will give us less than 4 m and a lot will be needed for scarfs to make the 7 off 300 mm strips we need. I have located a shop just by Odiham airfield which will cut up any wood we find (for £80). The closest UK source I can find has a minimum order of £300, and I still have my doubts about the quality.

Way Ahead

I intend to ask Gordon if he can give us a concession to use SATCo ply (I can get this easily), which has been given approval by the LAA but of course we are dealing with EASA, and to use Sitka Spruce for the wingtip bow. Baltic Pine is stronger than spruce but I feel that is not critical in a wingtip.

A final option is we have been donated a section of K8 wing from Lee on the Solent. I not sure if the ply is large enough but the reclamation work is significant and the risks are high.


——–end quote————

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