EJE & FJX ready for the season

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Both EJE and FJX were rigged today by Chris, Stefan, Alex and myself. They are now parked out on trestles ready for the season.

I flew FJX for 3 hours as it turned out to be a great afternoon with climbs to 4700’. The radio receives well but the audio vario doesn’t work, one of the tubes may be kinked. The work on the undercarriage lever has produced a more positive indent without the two stage action and false indent of before, hopefully undercarriage collapses are a thing of the past.

Thanks to Tony Newbery who has fabricated a new ramp for FJX’s trailer, it works a treat.


One thought on “EJE & FJX ready for the season

  1. Trevor and myself did a radio check on 6th April. Both radios in EJE and FJX transmit and receive.

    I bolted the radio speaker/bracket in to FJX, its not in an ideal location back against the spar so when we next have the fuselage upside down we will need to replace the captive nuts that were used previously.
    As FJX’s audio vario didn’t work on my last flight I checked the instrument tubes but couldn’t see anything that would cause a problem, maybe the tubes unkinked as I removed the binnacle. If it still doesn’t work would the next person who flies FJX me know.

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