Intention to fly

Please ensure that you have read both the CSGC 2020 05 21 operating protocols V1 and CSGC intention to fly calendar instruction V1 documents before you register your intention to fly on the calendar.

Please also ensure that you take the appropriate preventative measure as defined by Lasham Gliding Club.

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for sanitising the glider before and after your flight.

The purpose of this calendar is NOT a booking calendar, it is a notification that you intend to be at Lasham to fly so that we can try to manage the max ‘2 people per glider in a day’ which we have been given concession on. 

You will be able to select the days and times you are likely to be down, and you will be able to show a preference for the glider by either choosing the specific glider or ‘any’. The idea is that if you see multiple people aiming to fly on the same day it will be the responsibility of those members to communicate and agree how they operate within the protocols on the day.

PLEASE do use the calendar, as it will help everyone to know who is likely to be flying and and when! The calendar can be accessed via the link on you PC or an App on your mobile phone (Team up), though they are slightly different in appearance an use. There will be a more detailed instruction guide produced, covering both, but for now I’ve also added a simple instruction sheet pdf to assist.

Click here to go register your intention to fly a glider.