Membership Forms

The following links are used to download the full membership form when you come to renew you membership to the CSGC.

The CSGC temporary membership form is only used if you want to fly a family member or friend in the CSGC Grob 103 glider. Please ensure that you have signed in your friend or family member at the LGS office and that they complete all LGS requirements on their temporary membership forms before the flight. They must also complete the CSGC temporary membership before the flight commences. Please remember that you are responsible for your family member or guest during their visit to the airfield and during their flight.

The permanent membership form must be completed by existing CSGC members when they renew their membership. The form must be signed and either scanned and emailed to the membership secretary or placed in the appropriate pigeon hole outside the LGS office. click here to email the membership secretary (Siggi Ingason)

Print the application form for Full Membership

Print the application form for Temporary Membership