• Annual Glider Inspections etc

    Annual Glider Inspections etc

    The Lasham member’s workshop has been booked for the glider Annuals as follows: • Grob 103 and DG300 – 18th February 2017 • K-8 and Sport Vega – 25th February 2017 Nick Hughes has offered to do the work on […]Read More »

  • Sport Vega Refinishing

    Sport Vega Refinishing

    The re-finishing of the Sport Vega wings has taken much longer than expected and the workshop fees for spraying have been higher than expected. At least 18 members have helped in some way with the task. The glider is currently […]Read More »

  • This is a Post about the ASK8

    This is a Post about the ASK8

    Some text entered by anyone. Post just needs to be placed into the K-8 category to show up hereRead More »

  • Another K8 Post

    Another K8 Post

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