Would you choose this field to land in?

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Anne and Mark took the Sport Vega to the Long Mynd (The Midland Gliding Club) in Shropshire last week.
Would you choose to land in this field?
The site is on top of The Long Mynd ridge and is covered in heather and sheep. I don’t think that you could get a more different site to Lasham.
But, it’s great!
Once you get to understand the topography and local operating procedures it’s very safe.
In a 15kn westerly wind the ridge works reliably and you can turn in (actually you have to turn away from the airfield first !) and land safely at (allegedly) 250 ft. Well, the locals do that! I did a (sort of) circuit off the ridge at 350 ft when the wind suddenly decided to stop blowing, and it worked well.
Last week we had 2 really good ridge days; a great thermalling day, when I ventured out into Wales, and a couple of OK days where short flights on the ridge were possible (flight length depending on your bottle factor!) But, honestly, I think that even a 5 mins circuit at the Mynd is great in it’s own right for real field landing practice.
And, when you aren’t flying, the scenery is to die for; the food in the club house, thanks to Faye and Helen, is superb (incomparably better than what we have at Lasham!) and the Mynd Club is more welcoming than Lasham could ever aspire to on a good day.
If you are thinking that it might be nice to take club glider somewhere, why not try the Long Mynd? But, DON’T follow your satnav to get up there. There are two ways up onto the ridge and you need to go via Church Stretton, NOT via Bishops Castle and Asterton. If you follow the latter route you WILL get stuck on an impossibly narrow, steep ascent, as happened to one of our group towing the Lasham SH8 trailer. The only solution was to enlist the help of a helpful Mynd member with a weighty 4×4 and set off down the hill to rescue him, turn the trailer around and drive round to Church Stretton.
If anyone wants to know more then please contact me.

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